Name: Alanna Gorne

Date of Birth: Oct 8, 1986

Date Started Sewing: December 2009

Sewing Machine: Singer 7444 Precision

Serger: Singer 14CG754 ProFinish

My name is Alanna Gorne and I am the seamstress behind Mary Michael. The name comes from merging the middle names of my husband and I. I have been a self taught seamstress for almost 2 years now and I keep loving it more and more. When I was younger I did simple sewing projects like hemming (I’m pretty short) and simple PJ pants but one year I asked for my own sewing machine for Christmas.

The initial intent of having the sewing machine was to complete alterations on my existing clothes as I had lost a great deal of weight but having the support of a “sewing” mom and a “sewing” mother in law it motivated me to want to branch out.

There have been many successful projects completed through my first year but along with the successes there have been many failures. I guess I shouldn’t call them failures but more like learning experiences. Every time I make an error it only helps me know better for next time and to grow my knowledge.

Recently I have been getting more creative and have been wanting to start creating my own projects for potential resale and so I got a serger! FYI – Never use a serger unless you get a lesson first. They are intimidating machines and the things you can do with one is limitless!!! I have now become friends with my serger and I can’t wait to see what I will create.